3. Taj Mahal
Well, what trip to India would be complete without visiting the Taj Mahal? We���d heard that the winter is the best time to go because summer is entirely too hot, so we piled in a car and headed to Agra to see the structure India is most famous for. It really was incredible to see the Taj up close���it���s perfectly symmetrical and quite an amazing structure. We also learned that, despite the popular myth, the workers hands were NOT cut off after they completed the Taj (our tour guide said that was more of a metaphor that took on a life of its own). Other highlights: the Red Fort (another amazing structure); over a dozen random animals we throughout the trip (ie: camels, bears, monkeys that jumped on our car, peacocks, green parrots, and even bats) ; taking crazy pictures where we tried to jump over the Taj Mahal...
[me at the Taj--cool reflection picture; monkey clinging to our car window]

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