We have been traveling this month! Right after returning from Delhi, we hopped on the night bus with some of our friends and headed to Goa for a little holiday. It was long ride, but well worth it--Goa is definitely a fun place. We only got to stay over the weekend, so we really didn't get to see everything, but it was great to be outside in such a beautiful place. And getting to hang out with and get to know our friends a little better was also a lot of fun. Here are some photo highlights of our trip:

Hanging out on the beach!

Friends chillin' at the old fort we went to visit.

Strange site at a Catholic shrine--Jesus along with Ganesh (Hindu god) and a guru...

Beautiful beach sunset!

Time for another top 10���
Well, it���s been a while. These past few weeks have been filled with traveling, meetings, hanging out, and all sorts of randomness, so I will summarize with a fun little top 10. once again, these are in no particular order���just the best 10 things from the past few weeks J Enjoy!

10. Early April: I���m going to lump the first week of April all into one, because quite a few fun things happened: roommie and I had mehendi (henna) done with our friends���ladies often do it for festivals and weddings; Melanie, our supervisors��� daughter, came back into town; we had a baby shower for a friend who���s due in May, and probably a lot of other stuff��夷t was a busy week!

9. Delhi: we went up to Delhi a little over a week ago for some additional language training and meetings, and as soon as we stepped out of the airport, I had this weird sense of d矇j�� vu. The heat, smells, sounds, sights���it was all a crazy flash back to just about 8 months before when we first arrived here. It was a lot of fun to be back in Delhi, to refamiliarize myself with the city, and to see just how far I���ve come (emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc) in the past 8 months.

8. Girls��� Night! My roommie and I arrived in Delhi just in time to meet up with some of the other single girls we know for their monthly girls��� night. We had a blast! The theme was Breakfast at Tiffany���s, so people were dressed up, we ate all sorts of great breakfast food, and we watched the movie. Good times with good friends!

7. Language Camp: prior to the start of our language camp, I was pretty nervous. I haven���t really been practicing my Hindi lately, and I was just waiting for them to grill us from the start of camp. But, it turned out to be kind of fun! we met with other people who���d also been studying and mainly discussed what���s worked and what hasn���t. they also gave us a bunch of new materials that look like they���ll be helpful, if only I can remotivate myself and get back to studying!

6. FOOD! Going up to Delhi was almost as good as Thailand as far as food goes: Death By Chocolate at Bennigan���s, New Orlean���s coffee at Mocha, Chicken Tikka Pizza at Not Just Parantha���s (Indian), Subway (with more choices), Domino���s, Mudpie at The Big Chill��妃mm��地nd on a side note, when we got home today we found not just Dr Pepper but also DIET DR PEPPER! I literally gasped when I saw it���so cool!!!

5. Costa! a new and exciting food development in Delhi is Costa Coffee. Oh wow��宇hat���s about all I can say. I literally went at least 7 times in a little over a week, which even tops the amount of times I went to Starbucks in Thailand! But it was soooooo good to get good hot coffee at a decent price��存igh���

4. Meetings: along with language camp, our team had a number of meetings this week with people who are also interested/involved in university work. We had a great time visiting and comparing things that we���d tried, and how they worked or didn���t work. We also met with 2 girls who are interested in potentially coming down to work with us for a year (starting in August) as interns. We had fun getting to know them and are all excited about the future possibilities.

3. SHOPPING!!! So, those who know me from the US know that I���m not always into shopping, but wow, shopping this week was GREAT!!! We hit up our favorite markets and material stores and found some great deals. My favorite, by far, was Sarojani Nagar, home of the 35 rupee stores (about 75 cents) and tons of fabulous jewelry. I think I'm definitely getting hooked on big earrings!

2. Easter: my first Easter away from the US. The funny thing was that I didn���t really even feel like Easter, or Good Friday or anything. But the services we went to on Sunday were really special, and even though it wasn���t a typical Easter with candy and egg hunts, it was a great day.

1. Fun times with friends: Definitely the BEST thing about going to Delhi is seeing all the friends that I have there. There are lots of other single folks that we had a blast hanging out with (to see some of the madness of this week, check out www.myspace.com/j_lovedotcom) and just spending time talking and encouraging one another. Spending time with everybody a bit busy and crazy, but it was so refreshing for this extrovert���s soul, and made me think of so many good times with great people back home.

April Fools!!!
A while back we bought a bottle of what we thought was Coke, but it turned out to be Thums Up, a cola-like soft drink here that is just, well, not so tasty... So since today was April Fools day, we decided to play a trick on our friends and replace a bottle of Coke with Thums Up and bring it to our fellowship tonight. No one knew what was up until we poured a couple people glasses--as soon as they took a sip they realized they'd been fooled. Good times :)