7. Shopping: Lotus and the night market in Chiang Mai
I���m not usually much of a serious shopper, not compared to some of my friends and family back home at least, but I LOVED shopping in Thailand! The night market in Chiang Mai was incredible, filled with knock-off Birkenstocks and DVDS, jewelry, t-shirts, lanterns and more. Another nearly overwhelming experience was Lotus, the Wal-mart/Sam���s Club of Thailand. It was huge and crazy and oh so beautiful��存igh��吏ther highlights: buying a guitar! (actually the exact same model as the one I left in the States).
[outside Lotus; craziness of the night market]

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Anonymous said...

I am so excited you got to see my favorite shopping center!!! hahaha!! I LOVED Night bazaar! !!!Didn't you wish you could actually bring all those cool big things home? Vicky K

M@ said...

Hey, I know Tesco. They have those in the UK.