so i'm finally catching up on blogging about my 3 weeks of first big adventure was heading south to Chennai for my friends' (Cynthia and Sam) wedding at the end of December. i first met cynthia when she was studying in Louisiana over 2 years ago, and we quickly became friends. actually, she really became part of our family, so it was awesome to get to spend time with her and her family in india. i've missed quite a few weddings in the US during my time here, so it was really special to get to be there for their wedding.

it was definitely a fun couple of days. i really enjoyed seeing the city and spending time with cynthia and her family. the wedding was the 29th and was amazing and HUGE--well over 1000 people! the next day, i got to spend more time with the newlyweds and also attend a birthday party for cynthia's baby cousin, Debbie. then on sunday i went to church, spent some time relaxing, and then we went out to the beach for a little while before i met up with some other friends to head to thailand for our conference. it was a quick trip, but truly one of my favorite experiences so far here in india.

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SouthAsiaRocks said...

How cool!! I really like your Sari!!! And by the way... "Locals" are AWESOME shoes for a wedding :)

Lecea said...

Keep up the good work.