so, i made it home...
i imagine you figured that out by now, since it's been over 3 months.
so much, SO much, has happened, and so little as well.
i'm still living with the fam. still looking for a job. going to lots of weddings, but not married yet. working on starting seminary in the spring. in some ways it seems like not much is going on, and i usually don't have a real solid answer for "what do you do everyday?"
but in other ways, amazing things are happening. culture shock hasn't been horrible, but i do feel like my heart and spiritual eyes have just been totally shocked open to God and His amazingness in ways i hadn't imagined before. i'm loving seeking Him and seeking to help others, well, seek Him. following His lead. seeing my short comings, and not totally freaking out about them. having real conversations about hard things with people i love dearly. delighting in the depth and simplicity of community. strategizing passionately and obsessively. reading good books. not blogging or catching up on email. dreaming about what big things God could possibly have in store for me and the friends He's been bringing into my life. thinking about looking for a job, but wrestling with my fears about the big "WHAT'S NEXT?" learning to be an american girl in america again. missing india.
missing india...and learning to live with that...sort of. it just doesn't go away.
ah, i have so much more to say but it's quite late and i actually do have something to do in the morning. but maybe this will be a start to more frequent blogging, or maybe i'll be back in about 3 months...
i'm not going to wrestle with pictures here, but to see some more of what i've been up to, for all of you that are desperately curious, you can check out the myspace for our young adults group at church (this is where my heart is, at least a big part of it, right now).
i'll end with a song that's been playing in my mind and heart and computer nonstop lately:

Praise and Adore (some live without it) by Wavorly

What I have to say is obvious
A knowledge free, for all of us are
Your Word leaves us with no excuse
The paths we choose make us who we are
There’s a breeze blowing through here tonight

So I praise and adore You
Lay it all down before You
In every way You’re beautiful
From my heart
I praise and adore
You made the world beautiful
I cannot stand and deny
You created life
And some live without it

Wake up morning sunrise in my eyes
At night the moon lights all the sky
(Still some say You didn’t do a thing)
The sound of hope that’s in the air
In everything, it’s everywhere
(Reveals a truth that’s worth remembering)
There’s a breeze blowing through here tonight

It’s true, it’s all You

And every breath I take
There’s no way
Accident created this place

5 shout outs!:

Bethany Faith said...

oh, i havent seen you in such a long time!!by the way, this is Bethany Seeley! so your back home? which one? holla, or rather comment, back!

Emily said...

Hey! So, I can totally relate to this whole confusing yet exciting stage of life yet sad because of missing I said, I'm confused. :) Anyway, I enjoyed your post, so I just wanted to say hey. Miss you!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Sem hunh? in New Orleans?? Keep me posted on that! While I don't know what you're going through, I do understand going through a big life change right now - it's pretty crazy!! :) Love ya girl! Keep us posted on how to pray :) YOU ROCK!

julie said...

i'm glad you're blogging again mandi. right now i'm staring at the vietnamese drawing we got at that one shop. ahh...the memories

vipul chaudhary said...

hi mandi you write very good .....