anybody see a pattern here?

so, yeah, i'm slacking on the blogging. too much to do, to little time. most of my online life is now revolving around school, which is annoying and rewarding all at once. but hopefully, i will post some pics from this weekend that i'm enjoying in arlington, tx, with my india family. so brief but so fun to get to hang out again. i love that we can meet up and though it's been 9 months since i've seen most of them, it's like we can pick up where we left off. i need friends like that. i think we all do, really.

so, 9 months. that's a whole other topic. i like the idea of it, though, and i like the idea that maybe, symbolically, something new could be birthed any day now...maybe that's being cheesy, but who knows what the next weeks will hold. right now though, it's time for bed. pics soon!