someone asked me tonight when i was leaving and i told them early wednesday morning. they replied, wow, so you're not counting down in days then, but hours. hello. hours. less than 53. yikes! not that i'm not excited--i'm just not packed! i'm getting to that bad point where i just want to throw whatever is around into the suitcase and not worry about it. we'll see how it ends up...
the beach this weekend was fun. ok, so we spent about 15 minutes on the actual beach (if you can call biloxi the beach!). but we had fun by the pool and shopping and tubing and eating so so so much food. good times with family and friends.
tomorrow is looking like a busy day. people to visit. last minute shopping (including possibly a new camera, since i broke mine in virginia...tear...). paying bills and taking care of last minute details. i've never liked moving, and this has got to be the most intense and crazy moving experience of my life...i have waaaaay too much stuff...and no idea what to do with it all!
well, time is ticking, i'm rambling, and i need to get to bed. i planned to wrap up my email dis list by about 11, and now it's 1:20 am. i've been doing other stuff too, but man, that thing was killer! hopefully it's pretty much done and i can move on to more pressing things like PACKING!!! :)
alright, i'm out! goodnight/goodmorning/
whatever it is wherever you are :)

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