1. Goin to the chapel and we���re gonna get married!
Well, it wasn���t exactly at a chapel, but today we went to our first wedding here and it was a blast! So much food and music and colors and people���it was wild, and it���s still going on right now! We arrived at a little after 10, when it was supposed to start, and the place was practically empty. Gradually people started showing up, and by the time we left (around 4 pm) there were people everywhere. We got to watch the bride doing puja (worship) and getting a new sari from her inlaws, and then watch the groom ride in on a white horse! We also ate a ton of food and even danced a little. It was tiring, but definitely fun (check out my photo albums for more pictures).

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Deanna said...

Love the photos and updates. Hope all is well with you and your roomie. Miss you and think of you often. Like the new photo? Deanna