4. Homemade Cajun food!
Normally when I cook, I rely on wonderful things like box mixes and so on, but here, that���s pretty much impossible to find. Since my supply of goodies from the states is running low, I���ve been browsing foodnetwork.com for ideas and have been able to cook up a couple fun things. My favorite is that I found the recipe for Tony Chachere���s seasoning and made a big batch of it, and it actually turned out really good! I also made homemade jambalaya for friends last weekend, which very tasty, and also leads into my next top ten���
3. BLAH!
Yes, that���s right, I finally got sick. I mean, really sick. Ugh. It was Sunday night and I still don���t feel so great, but MUCH better than earlier this week! The good thing was that it wasn���t from the food, since that was the night I���d cooked jambalaya! The bad thing is that I probably won���t be eating or cooking jambalaya again for quite a while��吋he other good thing was that I had spent the night at our friends��� house that night, and they were all very gracious and took good care of me until I recovered!

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