3 Random Stories
1. Earlier this week there was a fire near our house. There's a big field near our house and my roomie noticed that a big patch of it near the road had caught fire. The funny thing was that we seemed to be the only people that noticed, because everyone else just kept driving by. The fire kept growing, and finally a man appears with 2 buckets of water. He nonchalantly walks across the street and proceeds to put out the fire, just like this sort of thing happens every day. Random.
2. On Friday we went to see a movie with some friends. They asked if one of their friends could come, and we said sure. Then we found out it was a guy. Not that I have anything against guys, but all too often, they end up wanting to get our numbers and calling or messaging us and so on, even if we've made it clear we're not interested. Fortunately, that was not this fellow's agenda--he actually was interested in selling us something! After the movie, we sat down to eat, and when I asked him about his job, he pulled out a brochure for a company that sells all aloe vera products. He spent the next 1/2 hour trying to get us to join the company. At one point, he even pulled a bottle of honey out of his briefcase and had us taste it to prove how good the products were.
3. Last Sunday several of our friends came over to hang out and have pancakes with us. We had a really good time and we said goodbye to several of our friends right about 4:30 pm. They hopped into the elevator and right as they did, the power went out! I just about died laughing when I realized they were stuck in between the ground and first floors. The watchman at our building finally appeared and rescued them. Quite an adventure.

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