And you thought American Idol was exciting...
We don't watch TV much, mainly because we don't have time and still don't understand most of what's going on. Oh, and there's really not much on that's better than some glorified soap opera/drama. But occasionally something truly exciting comes along: Indian Idol
There is no question as to whether or not this show was totally copied from the American version (which I've heard is a copy of a similar British show). It's the same music, same logo, same set--even the judges are versions of Paula, Randy, and Simon (the middle 3):

They even try to dress and act like them...too much! The finals are going on, so you know it's getting exciting. Here are some more fun pics:

ooh, guess she didn't do so well...

but look who's up next!

you know you want to votefor Sandeep. just go ahead and send that sms (text message)

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south asia said...

HAHA! Indian Idol! so funny. And your 3 random stories are classic. What a great idea to blog about a typical day...I may have to steal that sometime. Although 'typical' sure is a relative term.