7. Language Camp: prior to the start of our language camp, I was pretty nervous. I haven���t really been practicing my Hindi lately, and I was just waiting for them to grill us from the start of camp. But, it turned out to be kind of fun! we met with other people who���d also been studying and mainly discussed what���s worked and what hasn���t. they also gave us a bunch of new materials that look like they���ll be helpful, if only I can remotivate myself and get back to studying!

6. FOOD! Going up to Delhi was almost as good as Thailand as far as food goes: Death By Chocolate at Bennigan���s, New Orlean���s coffee at Mocha, Chicken Tikka Pizza at Not Just Parantha���s (Indian), Subway (with more choices), Domino���s, Mudpie at The Big Chill��妃mm��地nd on a side note, when we got home today we found not just Dr Pepper but also DIET DR PEPPER! I literally gasped when I saw it���so cool!!!

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