4. Meetings: along with language camp, our team had a number of meetings this week with people who are also interested/involved in university work. We had a great time visiting and comparing things that we���d tried, and how they worked or didn���t work. We also met with 2 girls who are interested in potentially coming down to work with us for a year (starting in August) as interns. We had fun getting to know them and are all excited about the future possibilities.

3. SHOPPING!!! So, those who know me from the US know that I���m not always into shopping, but wow, shopping this week was GREAT!!! We hit up our favorite markets and material stores and found some great deals. My favorite, by far, was Sarojani Nagar, home of the 35 rupee stores (about 75 cents) and tons of fabulous jewelry. I think I'm definitely getting hooked on big earrings!

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SouthAsiaRocks said...

AWESOME!! We look so cool :) You ROCK!!!