Oh, the maddness!
This week has been insane! Good, but insane. In fact, it's been so crazy that I'm just going to give the highlights. In the past week, I:
-got a pedicure with the ladies
-spent an evening with about 20 kids
-had 20 people over to our house
-went to a massive birthday party for a one year old
-hung out with Mandy, a friend from up north, and kicked some booty at Spades :)
-shopped like crazy for a dupata (scarf thing), and eventually found one that totally didn't match my outfit
-helped a eat a HUGE (and delicious!) dosa!
-explored a cool market we didn't know about
-worked on my monthly financial report...blah!
-spent the night at our friends' house
-had two meetings at the hospital (my supervisor is there because of his back)
-worked on plans for our 2 teams coming in (the first NEXT weekend!)
-visited another friend at the hospital who had a baby!
-had a refreshing and AMAZING day of retreat
-went to a wedding and ate a ton of mutton biriyani
-saw 2 movies (Munich and Mistress of Spices...eh, not exciting)

i'm sure there's more...it's been wild, but also really good, and i'm very excited about the next few months which are going to be FULL of visitors, traveling, and all sorts of big and new things. ah, the adventure of it all :)

3 shout outs!:

Deanna said...

Love keeping up with you thru the blog! Looks like you are having tons o fun! and I love the no-elephant traffic sign. Getting ready to say goodbye to Sidney has been a bit emotional, but the sting was taken off a little by a birthday present from a German friend - the first season in German! I might even understand most of it!! Take care and say hey to roomie for me...

Crystal N. said...

Is that Maria with you...Give her a big hug from me (her Aunt Crystal) and tell her I miss her & her fam. You may not remember me but I lived there for two years and we meet while you were in VA before you left for the Big I. Thanks for keeping all of us stateside updated.

Bill said...

GREAT pic of you and Maria!
Thanks for posting it!