When it rains, it MONSOONS!!!
This week our first team of students from the US has been in and ALL over our city! It has been a MAD week, but also extremely full of JOY :) Here's a little glimpse into the madness:
-our supervisor had back surgery in Thailand last Saturday, then just came back here last night
-we toured Bombay with the team: we almost got swept away by the Arabian Sea when we visited the "sea mosque," and saw the filming of a Bollywood music video at the India Gate
-rode camels, elephants, and rickshaws
-shopped like crazy
-met tons of students
-drank dozens of Kappi Nirvanas
-eaten all sorts of Indian food, and stayed mostly well from it :)
-played at the park with 1000s of people
-hosted a party
-had a slumber party
-got fitted for saris!
-toured several temples
-visited campuses all over town
-hung out with friends
-my roomie and i have both felt rough this week, and i've been to the physical therapist most days this week for traction on my back--all i have to say is that the hospitals here are an interesting experience...
-and dealt with stuff back home: my grandma has been sick for a while, and she passed away Wed night (US time). it's been hard to deal with all this and losing her, but i have been SO blessed to have 8 extra people to hug on me and encourage me--talk about perfect timing :)
I can honestly say i've learned more about myself in the past few days than in quite a while--it's been a great growing experience. So, 1 week down and 1 to go, which promises to be even more full than the first! all i have to say is, bring it on!

2 shout outs!:

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Kappi Nairvanas!! Awesome!!

Deanna said...

So sorry about your grandmother. P..ing for you and roomie. Deanna