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this post is for my friend Sarah, who is moving to Virginia tomorrow! we grew up together, but just became good friends in the last 2 years i was home--we've had lots of crazy times (as you can see from the picstures!), and i'm very excited for her about her big move. about a year ago, Sarah and i got into this habit of always telling each other 5 good things each time we emailed--i think it started because i was in a bad mood one day and she got tired of listening to me complain! anyway, the lists went from serious to silly, but they always encouraged me, so Sarah, this is for you friend :)
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5 good things from today:
1. good Indian food for lunch, esp. lots of sticky rice (not really Indian style, but that's they way i like it!) and chicken

2. facebook connection with my friend emily, who i've been missing and haven't talked to in sooooo long

3. the dentist. i know, how can that be good??? but friends, it was. i was SUPER impressed by how nice and clean the office was, and how cool the dentist is--she told me when i come back to have my cavity filled next week she'll let me listen to her ipod so i don't have to hear the drill. rock on, dr. kaur!

4. late night skip bo with the roomies (thank you sarah for introducing me to this game!), accompanied by their random music mix: rod stewart, travis tritt, journey, josh groban, michael jackson, merle haggard...the list goes on, and so does the fun here in our flat!

5. and last but not least...LaRonna...all you BCMers know what i'm talking about, and tonight, i introduced the roommies to the one and only LaRonna Marie Stokes...oh my, how i have missed her and her freestyle rappin'll have to dedicate a post to laronna one of these days...for now, check out her webpage that i found--it's not much, but it is truly shinein' like a highlighter!

it truly is the simple things that can bring such joy...good friends, good times...

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