This post is dedicated to one of the places I visit most frequently here (though probably need to spend more time at!): Stretch Gym. Though you might not know it by looking at me J, I like to work out. For the past 3 翻 years, it���s been my little get away from the stresses of everyday life. I usually went to the gym 3 or 4 times a week back home, and I wondered how I���d be able to keep up my workout schedule overseas. Fortunately, Stretch is close to our flat, and actually in the same society (ie, apartment complex) that our language helper lives in.
Most days, after my language lesson, I head over to the gym for a quick work out. I do some weights, and definitely some cardio, and it���s really cool because the machines are very similar to the ones in the gym back home. Of course, some ask for your weight in kilos, which is a bit confusing. But it���s nice, because it���s like I can almost feel like I���m just back home. Well, almost. There are plenty of differences, and many of them are quite funny.
For one, gyms here definitely have the ���customer service��� thing going on better than in the States. Not to down play the people who worked at the gym back home���they���re wonderful���it���s just that here, the ratio is about 1 gym worker for every 2 people working out. Hello. Not that this is always good, since I have my western mindset of ���I can do this myself, thank you.��� But it definitely is funny to see nearly as many workers as people working out.
Another classic thing about the gym is the music. They have their very own ���in house DJ,��� which is a big deal here because it���s on all the advertisements. Anyway, they play the most random mix of music, from Hindi/Bollywood stuff to current American pop. My personal favorite so far is a random techno-esque remix of ���California Dreamin���.��� Enough said.
I noticed something funny tonight as I was leaving. There���s a huge banner outside the gym, advertising the new building that���s going to open soon (relatively speaking���this could mean a month from now or a year). Anyway, this sign has this blonde white girl on it, pumping iron and looking really into her workout. This is funny because as far as I know, there is only one other white person at the gym other than me. She also happens to be tall with blonde hair, so people often mistake us for each other or ask if we���re sisters. Anyway, so, why is there a white chick on the poster? No telling���
Anyway, the gym is always an adventure, and it���s been really good for meeting people and just getting out and having fun. I���m sure I���ll have more updates on random adventures there in the future��地lrighty, I���m out.

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Anonymous said...

Because white = beautiful, in India. You haven't found any ads featuring dark skinned people, have you?

I would be surprised if you did. And pertinent to this case, I am guessing the photo you are talking about is just some stock image that has been lifted from somewhere without paying someone royalty.

I am reasonably sure I am right.

Hope you are having fun there.

Crystal Dabney said...

Hey, just thinking of you hope all is well... I was trying to figure out when a good time would be to visit or something... trying to find a time when we all can get together and stuff.... Let me know. I am in Johannesburg going to all kinds of docs.Miss you