Angles, anyone?
This post is dedicated to my mom and dad, because I know they will both get a kick out of the topic :)
I decided to rearrange my room the other day, so I scooted my bed around and put it at an angle. Why, you might ask? It all started a few years ago when my mom redecorated our house, and suddenly everything was at an angle...couches, rugs, even the pool table wasn't safe. My mom loved it, my dad thought it was a little wacky...At first I didn't know what to think about the new feel of our house, but something about this strange technique grew on me and when I moved into my own house, I put my bed at an angle.
Adjusting my room this time was a little more of a challenge, because my room is much smaller than before and with my desk, a lot is packed in. However, as soon as I made the move, I knew it was the right choice. My room, while it may look funny to some, seems so much more at home. And it makes me smile to think of mom and dad and the angle debate.
A funny side note: when our cleaning lady came in the next morning, she had no category for this strange set up and asked me if I wanted her to help me push my bed back. I just laughed and tried to explain that I was redecorating. I think this pretty much just confirms for her that we Americans are pretty strange...

3 shout outs!:

south asia said...

I love angles, too! Or 'diagonals' as I tried to explain to James in our first apartment. :) But somehow everything ended up back 'normal'.

Anonymous said...

i love angles too, my mom and i had a big argument when we redecorated my room in america, b/c i wanted the angled bed and she thought it was a waste of space in my small room. either way we both love angles and your post here reminded me of my days watching HGTV and TLC!!!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

When I used to set up for camps and concerts we would always try to "angle" the chairs so that we could have more space, but then we learned that we needed to "angle" the chairs, but with a "flair".... sooo, the word "FLANGLE" became a key word in our set-up times... ha ha ha... oK... only funny to me, but I loved to see that you "flangled" your bed :)
OK, I"m a dork :) You rock!!