Eating Overseas... (Part 1)
Food here is all too often more an adventure than just something needed for survival. Most of the food I've had here has been excellent, whether it was out at a restaurant or served at someone's home. Honestly, the only time I got sick after eating something was the night that I cooked! [fortunately, I was the only who got sick, so I choose to believe it was a virus, not the food :)]
Anyway, food is a fun topic, and makes for some great pictures: first off, this is NOT food. At least not in this area of the world...that's why they're allowed to roam free and basically rule the roads here. This picture to the right was taken on the street right outside our apartment building.
The next picture is of my favorite food here: Subway! It may seem crazy, but this is about the only way to get a good sandwich that's not PB & J or grilled cheese. My roommate and I typically eat at Subway about once a week, and it's great because it's way cheaper than in the US and sooooo good...mmm...Subway, here I come...lettuce, ham and cheese, man; lettuce ham and cheese sandwiches... Also, notice the chips: American Cream and Onion Style and Spanish Tomato...yummy!
Finally, a funny and slightly disturbing food picture. For the faint at heart (and you know who you are...), don't look at the next 2 pictures! These were taken outside a restaurant where we had lunch one Sunday afternoon. And yes, we did still eat there, even after we saw this odd sight. As soon as they realized we'd seen it, they quickly brought the bags inside and had us sit down. And you know what, the chicken was great! Gotta love South Asia!
The restaurant...notice the bags in the bottom right corner.
A close up...mmm!
More updates to come as I encounter and eat more exciting and strange foods!

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