just an ordinary day...
well, it seems that i survived the dreaded mfr...our monthly financial report for work...it actually wasn't as bad as i'd feared (this is probably because i watched ALIAS almost the whole time i was working on it :) hey, whatever works...). anyway, i have my fingers crossed that all the receipts are right and that i got the exchange rates right for the 3 curriencies i had to work with...ugh...
on to more exciting things: it looks like we're going to get to watch the superbowl, live even, which is pretty exciting. i can't say i'm a huge football fan, but the superbowl is just one of those events that really screams crazy American culture. the added benefits will be making fun superbowl-esque food, hanging out with friends, and the adventure of watching the kickoff at 4:30 AM monday morning (5:00 pm back home).
what else? today my friend's sister is having a baby, and i'm quite excited for her about being an aunt again. she's quite good at it, and obviously excited as well. the funny thing is that her sister is only 6 months older than me and this is her 3rd kid...hello...not that i'm ready to have 3 kids...maybe someday :)
my roommate is in the other room watching Kal Ho Na Ho, one of our favorite Bollywood movies, for her language study. i probably should be studying since we start back to lessons next week, but i'm not quite motivated yet. i like the idea of learning and speaking another language, but i'm not big on the studying, or practicing, since most everyone here speaks English.
well, i guess that's enough rambling. i'm working on posting more, but hopefully without boring all my faithful readers to death :) it's time to get off this thing and get ready for bed before i get distracted and stay up too late again...night!

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Deanna said...

Yeach - expense reports!!! But getting to watch Alias - now there's a plus. Speaking of that, I got a new id photo for my blog and I thought you, of all people would enjoy it. Glad to hear everything is going well. Please tell your roomie I said Hi!