Retreat...part 1
So this past weekend was our first of 2 retreats that we've been invited to attend. Neither my roommate nor I really knew what to expect, but we were excited about going somewhere new and getting to hang out with students for a weekend. We ended up having a really cool time and met a lot of fun new people. Here are some highlights from the weekend:

  • Treasure Hunt--running around like crazy, finding clues, and eventually the "treasure" (candy)

playing guitar and singing--these students LOVED American rock songs, from Elvis to Extreme to Pearl Jam and Oasis

  • Rice, rice and MORE rice--I thought people in Louisiana ate a lot of rice, but they can't hold a candle to people here in South Asia! I'm glad I like it because we ate rice as the main part of every meal
  • teaching a session and learning from others--we had fun teaching a session on purpose and what why we are here on earth, and it was also interesting to learn more about student culture through our discussions in the other sessions
  • Dance party! Students here love music, and especially dancing. We danced to "jive music"--kind of like swing dancing--and then hip hop (and yes, this picture is of everybody doing the "cabbage patch"!!!). The funniest thing, though, was watching everybody dance to "Achy Breaky Heart." I tried to explain that this song is now really a joke in the US, but no one understood why...

Overall, the weekend was great, and I'm excited about going on another retreat and making more friends this coming weekend :)

2 shout outs!:

Deanna said...

Dancing? Ssshhhhhh...... I won't tell anyone. Glad all is well with you. I've been enjoying keeping up with you and your roomie. Deanna

blondejourneywoman said...

you are one crazy girl! they want me to start having line dance classes here!